Bristol tackles affordable housing with Pod Housing

Bristol tackles affordable housing with Pod Housing

Bristol Council has started install flats on stilts in a car park at Chalks Road car park in St George in an effort to tackle the city affordable housing crisis.

The project is part of a trial taking place under the umbrella of the Bristol Housing Festival. The festival is a five-year programme spearheaded by the council who has agreed to spend up to £1.43m on affordable housing projects.

The idea is the homes will be rented to young people who are in need of affordable housing and will cover NHS workers. The council has partnered with YMCA Bristol to find its first tenants.

The Pods have been designed by ZedPods and have been designed to have the lowest possible running costs for there residents.

Dr Rehan Khodabuccus, operations director of ZED Pods, explained that “Housing associations and councils are now realising that they can build high quality houses in a fraction of the time it takes to build traditional developments. Good modular houses are now seen as ‘precision made manufacturing products’, guaranteed to meet the highest possible environmental and quality standards. They also offer endless design possibilities and configurations for studios, one, two, or three-bedroom homes. But these are not just quick, short-term solutions. The are real, high-quality homes built for lifelong living.”

Each unit is made in a factory environment and sports a BOPAS (Build off-site Property Assurance Scheme) accreditation.

The houses are plastic-free in their insulation, cladding, interior walls and flooring and the walls and roofs use cross-laminated timber.

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