2018 is the Year of Engineering

engineering careers  2018 is the Year of Engineering

Today the Government announced a new national campaign to increase their awareness and understanding of what engineers do.

The campaign will be targetted at 7 to 16-year-olds and be funded in part by The UK Space Agency who are contributing £210,000 to the campaign.

Funding will be avaiabile to 7 specialist projects which focus on everything from developing curriculum-based resources to analysing key earth observation data relating to the North and South Pole. The hope is that these types of projects build will build on the success of a previous programmes.

What to Expect from the Year of Engineering

Except lots of interactive activities in science and discovery centres across the UK throughout 2018.

The scheme is going to be specifically focused on introducing young children and their families to the work of engineers and scientists. The UK Space Agency wants to get young people involved in some of Britain’s most exciting space missions – with the upcoming ExoMars mission which carries a UK-built rover to Mars in 2019 proving there is plenty to be excited about.

The campaign will launch in January 2018. To find out more information visit the Year of Engineering website or follow the Year of Engineering team on Twitter.