#Year of Engineering

New imaging system makes back surgery safer, faster and less expensive

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Engineers from Dartmouth College are pioneering a new way to make back surgery faster, cheaper and safer. Engineers from the Thayer School of Engineering and the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth have developed a new real-time 3D tracking system designed to guide surgeons as they operate. While...

What do you get when you cross a drone with a HoloLens – XRay Vision.

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A team of engineers from Austria want to change the way we interface with drones. The team from the Graz University of Technology have combined a drone with Microsoft's augmented reality HoloLens to transform them from complicated to control hovering robots into remote cameras that even an untrained...

How Can Engineering Improve People’s Lives?

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Over the next month, as part of our support for the 'Year Of Engineering', we will be taking a look at how Engineering is improving peoples lives. Often the work of engineers is invisible or taken for granted. Sometimes we look at huge Engineering projects and are unable...