engineering careers  Mimi Isabella Nwosu

Mimi Isabella Nwosu

“Having an Engineering Degree opens a massive amount of doors for you. There will always be opportunities

Mimi Isabella Nwosu

Civil Engineer Mimi-Isabella busts some myths about engineering.

The first in our new Born to Engineer Series. Can engineers fix everything? Do you have to be a genius to become an engineer? Are all engineers boring white guys?

Mimi-Isabella is an Assistant Materials Engineer at Sir Robert McAlpine. She completed her degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Portsmouth in 2018 and after taking her placement year she knew that she wanted to work in the varied and challenging field of construction.

Mimi-Isabella was nominated as one of the ‘Top 500 most inspiring and influential people in the UK’s construction industry’ at The London Build Expo 2019 and was also awarded the role of a ‘Diversity in Construction ambassador’.

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Find out more about Mimi-Isabella at “My biggest achievement this decade – How I became a Civil Engineer

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