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NSK Joins Forces to Tackle Offshore Wind Wake Effects, Enabling Japan’s Floating Turbine Farms

3 min read

With ambitious climate goals in sight, Japan aims to expand offshore wind energy rapidly. However, floating wind farms come with complex engineering challenges. One critical issue is the wake effect – disruptive turbulent airflows caused by spinning turbine blades. To tackle this, the Japanese government is funding a...

Unleashing the Power of Dogger Bank, the World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm

2 min read

The first of the 277 turbines at Dogger Bank has commenced operations, marking a pivotal moment in the UK's renewable energy landscape. The Dogger Bank Wind Farm, a collaborative venture of SSE Renewables, Equinor, and Vårgrønn, is a significant addition to the global renewable energy infrastructure. Located 130km...

World First – Floating Wind Farm starts to take shape off coast of Scotland

1 min read

Turbines for a £200m floating wind farm are set to be towed from Norway across the North Sea and moored to seabed off north-east Scotland. The Hywind project - which will be the world’s first floating wind farm - has officially taken to the seas. Proponents see this...