How a deluge of lockdown volunteers rescued UK’s hidden weather history

Deep Dive

When it rains, it pours. Make hay while the sun shines. Save for a rainy day. Come rain or shine. The English language is overflowing with phrases about the weather, especially rain, or the lack of it. Fascination with the weather seems embedded in the UK’s national identity,...

MetOffice to invest £1.2 Billion in new weather and climate supercomputer

Long Read

The MetOffices latest supercomputing tech is set to unleash the full potential of weather and climate data for the UK. The MetOffice are investing a hefty £1.2 billion in the next generation of state-of-the-art supercomputer in a bid to improve severe weather and climate forecasting and inform Government...

An ‘Alphabet’ company has created an AI which can predict wind output up to 36 hours in advance

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When dealing with renewable tech intermittent power supply is a problem for the national grid. Being able to predict the factors that affect renewable energy - like the wind - is going to be critical as more renewable energy is used. Without huge energy storage infrastructure, it is...