5 Eco-Cities of the Near Future

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Pneumatic waste systems, pollution sensors, robots, drones, and self-driving cars - Engineers are taking the tech we predicted for the far future and using it to create viable modern cities across the world now. In 2050 the world population is estimated to be 9.7 billion, currently, it stands...

MIT Wins Mars City Design Architecture Prize 2017

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The Mars City Design Architecture prize aims to take seriously the question of how people live on Mars. This year the international competition was won by "Redwood Forest" - a novel design from a team at MIT. The team award winning 'Redwood Forest' would create dome and tree...

South Korea to build a car-free $35 billion city

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South Korea's International Business District (IBD) in Songdo will have everything you would expect from a modern city, without the traffic. The £26 billion district - which will end up being about the size of the centre of Boston - is designed to completely remove the need for...