End of the track for Isle of Wights last rollercoaster

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"The Cliffhanger", the Isle of Wight's last rollercoaster closes next week. The Isle of Wight was once one of the UK top tourist destinations and known for its theme parks. As times have changed the Island has undergone many changes and has only a handful of attractions left....

The Engineering of why British Railways can’t cope with the heatwaves?

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The UK’s rail service has been hit with widespread train delays and high levels of cancellations during the heatwave. The whole of the east coast line between Edinburgh and London was closed for hours on July 20 because of the heat. So why is the heatwave causing so...

Finnish ‘Sand battery’ offers solution to green-energy limitations

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A Finnish startup - Polar Night Energy - has revealed technology which can use renewable energy to make sand really hot, so the heat can be used in homes when it’s not sunny or windy. The new heat storage system is a 23-foot steel silo filled with over...