Dive into the detail of Tidal Lagoon Powers plan for Swansea’s tidal lagoon

5 years ago — Quick Read

Earlier this week we looked at Tidal Lagoon Power's plans for Swansea's tidal lagoon. Today, TLP has released more detail of that plan. While details of the tender itself is...

The tides turning for Swansea – ‘Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon’ could see the city become an international hub for tidal energy.

5 years ago — Long Read

Tidal Lagoon Power has kicked off the bidding contest for Swansea's tidal lagoon. The company is hoping to construct a £22m turbine manufacturing and pre-assembly plant and become the centre...

World First as Shetlands Tidal Turbines are Connected to the National Grid

5 years ago — Quick Read

Turbines installed on Bluemull Sound, just off the coast of Shetland, are being heralded as marking a "new era" in tidal energy

Plans unveiled to build the UK’s first tidal power lagoon

6 years ago — Quick Read

Tidal Power Limited (TPL) has unveiled plans for a 1,800MW tidal lagoon 2km from the entrance to Cardiff Bay. The project is one of six proposed lagoons TPL want to...