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Ammonia-Powered Future: Unleashing Sustainable Energy in Aviation

Long Read

Ammonia, composed of nitrogen and hydrogen, has emerged as a promising carbon-free alternative fuel. Recent innovations by Sunborne Systems, a spinoff of Reaction Engines, showcase ammonia's viability and versatility as an energy source for aviation and beyond. Sunborne Systems has successfully developed a novel ammonia reactor. The...

Eastern Green Link 2: The Subsea Electricity Superhighway Connecting Scotland and England

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In an era where sustainable energy solutions are paramount, the UK is taking monumental strides in fortifying its electricity transmission infrastructure. One such groundbreaking initiative is the Eastern Green Link 2 (EGL2) project, a subsea electricity superhighway set to bridge Scotland and England. This ambitious venture, green-lit by...

Perovskite Solar Technology: Unlocking Abundance, Affordability, and Printability of Solar Cells

Deep Dive

Silicon solar cells are an established technology for the generation of electricity from the sun. But they take a lot of energy to produce, are rigid and can be fragile. However, a new class of solar cell is matching their performance. And what’s more, it can now be...