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Empowering Women in STEM: The Drive for Diversity and the Role of Grants

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London-based manufacturing specialist, Get It Made has announced a strategic initiative to support female entrepreneurs in the STEM sectors. Recognizing the underrepresentation of women in fields such as engineering, design, tech, and manufacturing, the company offers a £5,000 grant tailored exclusively for female-led businesses. This initiative is not...

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2023: A Decade of Progress and the Path Forward

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The world of engineering is vast, diverse, and ever-evolving. It's a realm where innovation meets practicality and dreams are transformed into tangible realities. Yet, for many young individuals, the path to becoming an engineer remains mysterious. Enter 'Tomorrow's Engineers Week', a beacon of inspiration that has illuminated this...

Golden Motorsports Triumphs in F1 in Schools UK National Finals

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In the heart of The Edge, the University of Leeds' state-of-the-art sports and wellness facility, the Lenovo F1 in Schools UK National Finals 2023 concluded last weekend. The F1 in Schools UK National Finals 2023 marks the end of a contest that has nurtured young minds in Science,...