Special Projects unveil Magic UX

Special Projects unveil Magic UX

Born to Engineer favourite Special Projects have revealed their new augmented reality tool. Magic UX lets a user pick emoji or jump between apps with a wave.

The idea of Magic UX is that you can ‘pin’ apps, media and images to virtual points around your phone. A pseudo-physical-virtual memory palace! Physically moving between points allows you to swap on your phone.

Special Projects have called the new system Magic UX. Explaining that the new system is inspired by looking at the way people organised belongings across their real-world desks. They think their new system could make the process of switching between apps smoother and simpler.

At the moment their UX is only at the prototype stage but the team are looking to release a version for Android and iOS soon.

The Concept Explained

How does Magic UX work?Copy and Paste Demo

e.g. Photos could be pinned to the left side of your desk and emails to the right side. If you wanted to email a photo; you grab it the left of your desk, and move it to the right and drop onto your email apps new message icon.

Each time your phone returns to space the same app layout will be used.

There is no limit to how many places you can pin an app and you could build a completely virtual world around your home.

The process could help overcome the difficulties in multi-tasking on small phone screens. Something complicated (in UX terms) like copy-and-pasting between apps would no longer be a series of taps but one fluid motion.

The project has already won Gold at the 2018 London Design Awards and is shortlisted for the 2019 IxDA Interaction Awards.

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