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Engineers Gallery at the Science Museum: Celebrating Innovations and Inspiring Future Engineers

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In an era where technology is rapidly evolving, the Science Museum in London has today (June 23rd) opened a new gallery that aims to dispel common myths about engineers and encourage young minds to consider a career in this dynamic field. The gallery, 'Engineers', replaces the old 'Engineer...

The Science Museum is challenging misconceptions of what engineers do

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This June, London's Science Museum will be expanding its reach by opening a brand new Engineers Gallery. The new gallery will be dedicated to some of the world’s most innovative technological achievements and their masterminds, this gallery seeks to obliterate common misconceptions about engineers with inspiring narratives from...

First permanent “Virtual Reality” Science Museum Experience Opens

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From March 24th, visitors to the Science Museum, London, will be able to experience descending from space within a Soyuz capsule. The immersive 12-minute VR presentation is viewed using a Oculus powered Samsung Gear VR headset. The virtual experience offers a 360° 3D view inside the Soyuz capsule...