Sabre engine put through its paces

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Reaction Engine's Sabre engine - part jet, part rocket - is set to be put through its paces over the coming months. The hypersonic engine could potentially reduce the trip time from London to Syndey from twenty-two hours to just four hours. The European Space Agency has...

“Britain in Space” – Born to Engineer talk to Photographer James Ball about documenting Britain’s thriving space industry

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There has never been a more exciting time for the British space industry This is the opinion of British photographer James Ball (aka Docubyte) who has spent the last six years documenting Britain’s thriving space industry. This week Born to Engineer caught up with Ball to discuss the...

New rocket engine is a game-changer

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The Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine known as Sabre, has entered into development after attracting significant investment. Sabre combines elements of a jet and rocket engine and is designed to enable a space plane to take off from a conventional runway and fly into orbit. It would then be...