#Reaction Engines

Ammonia-Powered Future: Unleashing Sustainable Energy in Aviation

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Ammonia, composed of nitrogen and hydrogen, has emerged as a promising carbon-free alternative fuel. Recent innovations by Sunborne Systems, a spinoff of Reaction Engines, showcase ammonia's viability and versatility as an energy source for aviation and beyond. Sunborne Systems has successfully developed a novel ammonia reactor. The...

UK sets sights on reusable hypersonic jet tech

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Aerospace engineers in the UK are exploring how new hypersonic tech can be used by the the military. The United States, Russia, and China have all developed missiles which can fly at several times the speed of sound. This makes them very difficult to track and especially tricky...

“Britain in Space” – Born to Engineer talk to Photographer James Ball about documenting Britain’s thriving space industry

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There has never been a more exciting time for the British space industry This is the opinion of British photographer James Ball (aka Docubyte) who has spent the last six years documenting Britain’s thriving space industry. This week Born to Engineer caught up with Ball to discuss the...