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Leap forward in Fluorochemical Production

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In a world where scientific advancements are reshaping industries, a groundbreaking achievement has emerged from the laboratories of Oxford University. Chemists have unveiled a method that promises to revolutionize the production of fluorochemicals and address significant environmental and safety concerns associated with traditional methods. While perhaps not...

Engineering a difference – Dr Priyanka Dhopade talks to Scienceblog

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Dr Priyanka Dhopade, Senior Research Associate at Oxford University’s Osney Thermo-Fluid Laboratory, is breaking down barriers in more ways than one. Dr Dhopade works in partnership with Rolls-Royce, and her work focuses on the aerodynamics of jet engines (specifically controlling the temperature inside the engine). She is in...

First British trial of Self-Driving Vehicle a success

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The first trial of self-driving vehicles in a public space is being heralded as a success. The demonstration, run in Milton Keynes by Transport Systems Catapult (TSC), marks the end of the LUTZ Pathfinder project which has run for the last 18 months The cars are run...