Meet the NASA nuclear propulsion concept which could get to Mars in just 45 days

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A groundbreaking proposal could revolutionize space exploration, as NASA's Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program has selected a revolutionary nuclear propulsion system for development in 2023. The proposal is spearheaded by Professor Ryan Gosse of the University of Florida. His concept for a new bimodal Nuclear Thermal and Nuclear...

Into the Abyss – Cornwall set to house the world’s deepest pool

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Blue Abyss - the brainchild of ex-forces diving instructor and management consultant, John Vickers - aims to be the largest and deepest indoor pool in the world. The scheme, supported by British astronaut Major Tim Peake, would see Blue Abyss acquire four plots on the Aerohub Business Park,...

What neuroscientists are learning about our brains in space by launching themselves into zero gravity flight

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More than 500 people have travelled into space to date and, while we know a little about how life without gravity affects our physical health, we know almost nothing about how it affects our minds. So, my colleagues and I have been launching ourselves, rigs of equipment and...