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Shape-Shifting Tetraflex: Revolutionizing Robotics for Extreme Environments

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In the evolving world of robotics, the Bristol Robotics Laboratory has introduced a significant innovation - the Tetraflex robot. This tetrahedral, shape-shifting robot is engineered to navigate through diverse obstacles. Tetraflex is not your standard robot. Its design blends soft and rigid components, allowing it to adapt to...

Before We Disappear: A Climate Activist Thriller That Adapts to Your Emotions – An Interactive Film Experience

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Most films offer exactly the same viewing experience. You sit down, the film starts, the plot unfolds and you follow what’s happening on screen until the story concludes. It’s a linear experience. My new film, Before We Disappear – about a pair of climate activists who seek revenge...

Ready, Set, Race: Join the Indy Autonomous Challenge and Experience the Excitement of High-Speed Automation!

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This weekend will see the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) returns to CES - a competition that represents a giant leap in the world of automation and high-speed racing. The IAC will take place at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Saturday, January 7th, with a focus on breaking...