#machine learning

This Open Source Machine Learning Tool Predicts The Best Chemo Choice 80% of the time

2 years ago — Long Read

A new machine learning tool has been developed by bio-engineers at Georgia Tech. It can analyze a patients RNA and match them with the best chemo-drugs. It has matched patients...

‘Virtual’ basketball players learn to dribble by themselves

2 years ago — Quick Read

Software Engineers have developed a new technique to teach a computer programme dribbling skills.

Diagnostic computers outperforms human doctors

2 years ago — Long Read

New tests have been released by Case Western Reserve University which show computer programmes outperforming human doctors in diagnosing common diseases. The new tech relies on 'deep learning' and should...

WIRED releases its 2017 Smart List

3 years ago — Long Read

WIRED has released its 2017 smart-list. The list highlights up-and-coming minds from bioscience to software, fashion to entertainment. Among them are two engineers; Professor of Information Engineering Zoubin Ghahramani and...