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Japan’s Pioneering Lunar Mission: SLIM Lander and the Innovative LEV-2 Rover

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The race to explore and understand the moon has seen nations and private entities launching missions to our closest celestial neighbour. Among the frontrunners in this renewed lunar exploration is Japan, whose ambitious lunar projects aim to contribute to our understanding of the moon significantly. Its most recent...

Lunar Exploration: Bangor Cracks Compact Nuclear Fuel Cells

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As we set our sights on the Moon, the need for sustainable and reliable energy sources is becoming increasingly important. The NASA-led Artemis Programme underscores the importance of establishing a foothold on the lunar surface. But to truly thrive and conduct meaningful scientific research on the Moon, we...

Chandrayaan-3 – India hopes to land a rover on the Moon for the first time

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On Wednesday August 23, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) mission Chandrayaan-3 will deploy its lander and rover to the surface of the Moon. The Vikram lander should carry the rover to the lunar surface. ISRO, Author provided As the name suggests, this is the third mission in...