Engineers have built a 1,000-watt “super laser”

5 years ago — Quick Read

British and Czech Engineers have announced that they have constructed and fired the "Bivoj" - a 1000-watt "high peak power laser" named after a Herculean-like Czech mythical hero Bivoj is...

No hiding from a laser camera

6 years ago — Quick Read

Physicists find rapid heating method

6 years ago — Quick Read

Research conducted by theoretical physicists from Imperial College London have found a way to rapidly heat materials to temperatures hotter than the center of the Sun by using lasers. The...

Roadmap for quantum technology laid out

6 years ago — Quick Read

At a launch event being held at The Royal Society, the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme (NQTP) announced plans to capitalise on the advances being made in the quantum sector....

Japanese University fires world’s most powerful laser

6 years ago — Quick Read

The LFEX laser at the University of Osaka fired a 2,000 trillion watt beam for one trillionth of a second. The laser was developed as part of a research programme...

Fibre laser weapon blows truck away

7 years ago — Quick Read

Defence manufacturer Lockheed Martin has developed a 30kW fibre laser weapon that can quickly burn through a truck’s engine from over a mile away.