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Urine test for breast cancer and material which turns light into energy win 2020 Dyson Award

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This years' Dyson Awards has been awarded to a urine test for breast cancer and a material, made from waste crops, that can convert UV light into renewable energy. The International Dyson Award was awarded to 'The Blue Box'; and the new Dyson Sustainability Award to AuREUS. Both...

Fish scale bioplastic nets UK James Dyson Student Award

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A UK student has netted this year's UK James Dyson Award. Lucy Hughes, a University of Sussex graduate, created a new material from fish waste as a compostable alternative to single-use plastic. 'MarinaTex' is made from fish scales and skin. This marine waste would usually be buried...

Lancaster University students ‘O-Wind Turbine’ wins James Dyson Award 2018

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The O-Wind Turbine has nabbed the James Dyson Award 2018, earning a cash prize of £30,000 and £5,000 for their university department. The omnidirectional wind turbine is designed to work in the middle of big cities and is set "take urban energy harvesting to another level". The...