The Science Museum is challenging misconceptions of what engineers do

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This June, London's Science Museum will be expanding its reach by opening a brand new Engineers Gallery. The new gallery will be dedicated to some of the world’s most innovative technological achievements and their masterminds, this gallery seeks to obliterate common misconceptions about engineers with inspiring narratives from...

The Technology Behind Wearable Health Monitors

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Wearable health monitors are a great way to track your health and fitness levels. These devices can be as simple as a pedometer or as complex as a heart rate monitor that can give you real-time feedback on your workout. The technology behind wearable health monitors is constantly...

Inmarsat trial to boost GPS performance in the UK

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London based Inmarsat is looking to augment GPS performance across the UK in a new trial of UKSBAS – the UK Space-Based Augmentation System. The trial will test out a new overlay system aimed to improve the performance of GPS signals across the country. The project is being...