Eight new nuclear reactors to boost production

Eight new nuclear reactors to boost production

The UK Government has announced its new energy strategy which places Nuclear Energy at the forefront of future power geneartion.

The plan would see at least eight more nuclear reactors approved on existing sites to energy independence and bring down rising prices.

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The plan would look to increase wind, hydrogen and solar production but also build as many as 8 new nuclear reactors, under a new government. These would include two new reactors at Sizewell in Suffolk.

Part of the plan would see Wylfa in Anglesey and Oldbury in South Gloucestershire host either large-scale plants, or smaller modular nuclear reactors, or a combination of both.

The modular reactors follow on from Rolls-Royce plans for ‘mini’ nuclear reactors that can be quickly assembled from prefabricated components.

The British Engineering giant believes its idea of small easily assembled reactors which can be delivered on the back of a truck. The company is betting that installing and operating “factory-built power stations” means that they will be capable of competing on price with low-cost renewables like offshore wind.

Modular nuclear plans would allow parts to be shipped to a site and then bolted together to keep costs low and security more predictable and manageable.

The scheme will be lead by the “The Great British Nuclear body” who will also try to identify other appropriate sites.

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