Engineering Students improve manual washing machine

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Engineering students from the University of Bristol have improved the manual washing machine design from the Washing Machine Project. The Washing Machine project aims to give simple, easy to assemble washing machines to refugees around the world. The original Washing Machine Project "Divya" was created by University of...

Hand-cranked washing machines given to refugees

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Navjot Sawhney - the inventor of the hand-cranked washing machine - has headed out to Iraq to give away 30 of the low-cost device to refugees. The machines require no electricity, are extremely robust and have been designed to be simple to operate and easy to repair....

Washing machine project – scheme expands to help refugees in more countries

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Handwashing clothes sounds like an easy task but for 70% of the world’s population who lack access to washing machines, it poses a significant obstacle and impacts their wellbeing and livelihood. Navjot Sawhney - a former University of Bath engineering student - wanted to change this so...