Army Medics use VR ‘Chinook’ to help save lives on the battlefield

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The University of Birmingham’s Human Interface Technology (HIT) team has designed new simulator of a Chinook helicopter. The simulation brings together virtual reality and an inflatable training enclosure to help train the UK Armed Forces’ Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT). Your browser does not support the video tag....

Royal Navy unveil robotic speedboat

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The UK’s Maritime Autonomy Surface Testbed (MAST) has undergone trials in the Tidal Thames today. The craft is an unmanned surface vessel (USV) based on an innovative Bladerunner hull shape. The boat does not carry weapons and is instead designed to explore autonomously to support non-lethal surveillance and...

New drone data transmission system could help disaster relief efforts

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A team at Oxford University are developing a tracking system called Hyperion, which could impact upon disaster relief missions by allowing drones to transmit high quality images back to a base station on the ground. The system, based on eye-safe lasers, could allow aircraft and UAVs to transfer...