DARPA Announces Funding For a High-Resolution, Implantable Neural Interface

3 years ago — Quick Read

The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has just announced contracts to fund five research groups and one company contracts as jump start its Neural Engineering System Design...

‘Mayhem’ reigns in Cyber Grand Challenge

4 years ago — Long Read

This year's Las Vegas Def Con Conference has seen a program called Mayhem provisionally win the "Cyber Grand Challenge". The competition, which is sponsored by DARPA, aims to find software...

New Dog Robot Can Run and Climb Just Like The Real Thing

5 years ago — Quick Read

Boston Dynamics, a company specializing in animal-like robots, has just released their latest design: Spot. Spot is an untethered dog-like robot that is designed to be sturdy and sure-footed when...