Wales Cancels Major Road Building Projects Over Environmental Concerns

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In a bold move to address climate change, the Welsh government has made the decision to abandon all major road-building projects and instead prioritize the development of infrastructure initiatives that encourage a shift towards public transport, walking, and cycling. This new focus is aimed at reducing carbon emissions...

Meet the German Space Agency Crazy Modular Vehicle Prototype

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Is it a shuttle, is it a bus, is it a cargo van. No. It's all of these things? The German Aerospace Center (DLR) has come with a new futuristic vehicle concept, unlike anything you might have seen before. The agencies U-shift vehicle concept can transform itself from...

China’s Traffic-Straddling Bus – One Year On

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Last summer we looked at China's celebrated Traffic Elevated Bus (TEB) - but where is it now, and what happened to the project? Last summer the Traffic Elevated Bus (TEB) was touted to be the futuristic solution to urban traffic jams - we loved the concept - but...