China’s Traffic-Straddling Bus – One Year On

3 years ago — Long Read

Last summer we looked at China's celebrated Traffic Elevated Bus (TEB) - but where is it now, and what happened to the project? Last summer the Traffic Elevated Bus (TEB)...

8 Reasons China’s New Traffic-Straddling Bus Is So Fascinating

4 years ago — Quick Read

Engineers in Qinhuangdao City have finally completed a moving full-scale mock-up of China's large straddling bus idea, which will allow cars to drive underneath it. What happened to China's Traffic-Straddling...

Stagecoach EV Buses can now run longer between charges

4 years ago — Quick Read

Six of the Optare Solo EV buses, operated by Stagecoach, have been modified to allow them to run for longer in between charging sessions. The Optare Solo buses are fully...