The Engineering of why British Railways can’t cope with the heatwaves?

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The UK’s rail service has been hit with widespread train delays and high levels of cancellations during the heatwave. The whole of the east coast line between Edinburgh and London was closed for hours on July 20 because of the heat. So why is the heatwave causing so...

Winds of change: Britain now generates twice as much electricity from wind as coal

Deep Dive

Just six years ago, more than 40% of Britain’s electricity was generated by burning coal. Today, that figure is just 7%. Yet if the story of 2016 was the dramatic demise of coal and its replacement by natural gas, then 2017 was most definitely about the growth of...

GWR celebrates 40 years of the Inter-City 125

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October 4th, 1976 marked the first High-Speed Train (HST) Inter-City 125 passenger service started running between London, Bristol and South Wales and today Great Western Railway (GWR) is celebrating that 40 year anniversary. Television commercial made by J. Walter Thompson (international advertising agency) in 1985 for British...