Engineers create device to help visually impaired avoid obstacles

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A new study has shown that a simple vibrating wristband can improve mobility for visually impaired individuals. The wristband allows visually impaired people wearing it to avoid collisions when out and about as it provides real-time feedback from a chest-mounted video camera to spot obstacles. People who have...

Compact Cane – Creating meaningful and purposeful products

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Meet the Engineer who developed a university research assignment into a commercial product using holistic user-centred design.​​​​​​​ University of Bath Engineer Nia Simpson took her final-year mechanical engineering project, the Compact Cane, to the commercial market and now has a string of awards to her name (including University...

New implant can restore partial vision to blind people

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Bio-engineers are hailing new tech as a ‘paradigm shift’. The new implant can transmit video images directly to the visual cortex, bypassing the eye and optic nerve. Trials have shown the new technique has successfully restored partial sight to six blind people. The implant - named Orion...