STAT announces the most innovative idea of 2016 – A prosthetic arm that can ‘feel’

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Born to Engineer favourite STAT has just announced the winner of its "most innovative idea" poll that pitted 32 innovative discoveries published in peer-reviewed journals last year against one another to find the best new ideas in science and medicine. The winner was work conducted by Engineers at...

Britain’s most successful technology company ARM sold to Japan’s SoftBank for £24bn

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Cambridge-based ARM Holdings, the company behind the massively successful ARM chip, has agreed to be sold to Japanese tech firm SoftBank for £24.3bn after its board said it would recommend the all-cash deal to shareholders ARM are best known for the microchips that Apple uses in its iPhone...

Two leading tech firms design “internet of things” starter kit

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Chip manufacturer ARM and cloud services provider IBM have teamed up to produce a starter kit designed for internet-based gadgets. The companies say that the kit will allow businesses, specifically start-ups, to test "internet of things" prototype technology.