O2 & Samsung work 5G connected NHS ambulances

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Mobile network 02 is about to kick off a series of tests on the next generation of "smart ambulances". These will use next-gen 5G tech after a major deal between Samsung and the NHS. 02 sports the largest number of users of any mobile operator in the UK...

What Challenges will the 5G Rollout Bring for Engineers?

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The primary goal of 5G is to overcome the limitations of the existing 4G network. 5G technology is expected to meet the increasing demand for data and to enable a cost-conscious and efficiently scalable network. To achieve this, engineers have to overcome the following challenges to achieve peak...

First Six UK 5G Cities Named

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Mobile network EE has announced the first six UK cities will to get the ultra-fast 5G mobile networks. EE will expand on its existing trials in 2019 and is set to turn on their 5G network in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester. The company, owned by...