STEM Book Club June – Science Stories to get your little ones inspried

engineering careers  STEM Book Club June – Science Stories to get your little ones inspried

Want to get your kids excited about science? The right STEM books at the right age can make all the difference. We have picked out three of our favourites for 2018.

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It’s never to early to start; Baby Loves Gravity is aimed at the smallest readers. They might not walk away from it with a detailed understanding of gravity but it is a good first step in encouraging their sense of wonder.

Audrey the Inventor is an inspiration to children. She shows that despite her early inventions never quite going to plan that is never an excuse to give up.

Pilots Academy combines fun facts with interesting activities. Showing you not only how planes work but allowing you to build your own rotor copter.

All these books are aimed at slightly younger readers. If you are looking for more books for young readers explore our “Books For Younger Children That Encourage Learning In 2017” and “15 Books To Get You Engaged With Engineering” posts.

Audrey the Amazing Inventor

Beautifully illustrated, the story of Audrey the Amazing Inventor is the story of following your dreams and never giving up.

Katie Weymouth lively artwork is paired with a story from Rachel Valentine (known for the Marmaduke the Very Different Dragon series).

The book follows Audrey as she follows her dream to be an inventor. Her initial attempts are not always successful. Egg collectors and jam dispenser are messy. The cat washer is not a hit with her faithful pet Happy Cat. Just when she is about to give up some encouraging words allow her to give inventing one last try.

The book is released just in time for International Women in Engineering Day and is the perfect gift to inspire children into the exciting world of engineering and science.

MG 7079 Big, brainy science for the littlest listeners.

If you have not come across the ‘Baby Loves Science’ series and have little ones you have been missing out. Baby Loves Gravity follows on from Ruth Sprio’s Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering, Baby Loves Quarks and Baby Loves Quantum Physics books.

These board books explore complicated scientific concepts with age-appropriate language and visually stimulating illustrations.

Sure, your little one probably won’t walk away from the series with a PHD level understanding of gravity, but the books will encourage your baby’s sense of wonder.

Gravity is the 2018 instalment of the series. It backs in the same cute illustrations that the previous books had. We noticed that there seems to be a decline in the actual science in Gravity compared to Baby Love Quarks, but your baby almost certainly won’t notice even if you do.

MG 7067 Are you ready for the challenge

The beautifully illustrated Pilot’s Academy is packed full of activities, fun facts and ideas to get your kids interested in flight.

Written by Steve Martin, a former English teacher, and illustrated by Lucy Banaji a Fine Art graduate and a self-taught the book will walk you through a flight, from take-off to navigation and landing.

The book is well laid-out. The activities are informative and interactive and promise not just to keep children entertained but to develop their skills and understanding. This isn’t just a book for anyone interested in becoming a pilot though; Steve and Lucy show off how aircraft are engineered.

Readers are tasked with creating a roto-copter or a string radio. Asked how much fuel they need to pilot a plane around the United States. We recommend that after each section is done you ‘graduate’ to the next task by rewarding yourself with a sticker.