Classroom Resources – Make the World… More sustainable

D&T Association : Make the World… More sustainable

The D&T Association has compiled a free set of resources, sponsored by the ERA Foundation, which includes five short videos and a presentation invites students who are preparing for their GCSEs to understand and solve challenges using sustainable sources of energy. It introduces the Global Goals for sustainable development and considers current and emerging sources of energy before setting tasks students can solve using wind or solar power. There are links to Practical Action resources and a teacher guide is included with further links to help students identify careers options in sustainable engineering sectors

Sustainable design is fast becoming a matter of global corporate citizenship. More consumers are choosing products based on their environmental impact, forcing manufacturers to reconsider how they develop and market products.

Finding solutions to the problems people have in real-world situations, that are designed with sustainability in mind, are key to students’ development of ideas when preparing for their GCSEs and A Levels.

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