New Engineering Resources – Mechanical Engineering Careers

New Engineering Resources – Mechanical Engineering Careers

We know there is a lot of demand for engineers and STEM graduates in the UK job market, and that many engineering degrees, apprentices, and jobs are highly competitive but the question of what Engineering Degree is a good fit is often overlooked.

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There are so many ways into Engineering that it is really important to find out which one you are best suited for before mapping out your career path. Choosing the wrong means you could spend several years studying a type of Engineering that you don’t enjoy.

Over the coming weeks, we are going to look at a range of types of engineering, engineering degrees and Engineering Career paths. Most engineering programs share a number of core general skills but they quickly branch out into different specialisms.

To kick us off we are talking about the role that Mechanical Engineers take on and the career paths to become one.

Universities and potential employers look favorably upon applicants who can demonstrate a passion for their chosen career path. We talk about what you might study on a course, and the extracurricular activities that can help showcase soft skills that you’ll need to be a Mechanical Engineering.

Check back in on the series over the coming week. Understanding exactly what each branch of Engineering has to offer should set you apart from other candidates and applicants in a competitive higher education/job market.

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