Is Engineering the solution to global energy demand?

Is Engineering the solution to global energy demand?

The global demand for energy is growing exponentially each year as countries develop and their population’s increase.

These rapidly changing trends in how we use energy are shaping the way we power our everyday lives. This requires new engineering solutions to keep up with demand.

As new more efficient fuels and technologies emerge the way we’re sourcing energy has changed. However, there are still issues which need addressing.

By using a ‘global energy architecture’ to measure these shifting trends, the engineering can provide advice to those countries that are still reliant on outdated methods and fossil fuel usage. The Energy Architecture Performance Index is a way of measuring how effective countries are in their energy production and usage.

Infographic – The Shifting Trends of Global Energy Usage

The infographic below provides an overview of emerging energy trends. It covers which countries are using them most effectively and offers an insight into the ways in which this is monitored.

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