Dubai police issued Star Wars-style hover bikes

Dubai police issued Star Wars-style hover bikes

This year Dubai’s Gitex tech conference revealed the gulf-state will be outfitting its police with Star Wars-style hoverbikes

The Russian-made Hoversurf Scorpion will be capable of speeds of up to 70km per hour and can fly at a height of five metres.

The idea is that bikes will allow police officer to fly over congested traffic in emergency situations.

The bike can also fly without a passenger and can go up to six kilometres… It can fly for 25 minutes and can carry up to 300kg of weight at a speed of 70kphFirst Sergeant Ali Ahmad Mohammad speaking to Gulf News

The companies CEO Alexander Atamanov stated that Dubai police had signed a memorandum of understanding to mass produce the craft in the Dubai area.

This announcement sees Dubai doubling down on its reputation as one of the world’s most technologically advanced cities.

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