TeSeR project set to clean up space junk

engineering careers  TeSeR project set to clean up space junk

Strathclyde University is leading a research project to develop groundbreaking technology to help clean up space junk. The project will be led by Airbus Defence & Space, with €2.8 million of funding now secured from the European Commission.

The Technology for Self-Removal of Spacecraft (TeSeR) programme aims to prevent the creation of new space debris and reduce the risk of collision with space debris.


The module will be designed to work by disposing of future spacecraft at the end of their operational lifetime by nudging them out of orbit and into the Earths atmosphere. It could also function backup to destroy spacecraft if normal control is lost.

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Dr Malcolm Macdonald, Director of the Strathclyde-based Scottish Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications, said: “The TeSeR project is exploring innovative solutions for clearing up space and reducing the risks presented by space debris. Strathclyde has extensive expertise in this field and we look forward to playing a significant role in this research.”