Transforming Plastic Waste into Sustainable Fuel with the University of Cambridge

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The University of Cambridge has recently unveiled a groundbreaking technology that could change the way we think about our plastic and carbon dioxide (CO2) waste. The machine takes in waste and CO2 and through a photoelectrochemical system transforms them into valuable materials like synthetic gas and glycolic acid....

Engineering Questions – How to Effectively Manage Construction Waste?

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Material waste and debris created during the construction, demolition, or renovation of roads, bridges, and buildings are known as Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste. While the industry continues to develop technological solutions to enhance productivity and work efficiency, construction waste reduction is often side-lined. According to The Brainy...

EU sets sights on charging ports

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The European Union has a simple solution to reduce electronic waste and improve consumers mobile experience - a standard and singular charging port for all types of smartphones. Currently, the massively popular iPhone uses a completely different charging system to the ubiquitous USB-C port favoured by the majority...