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Meet the vertical farm in Denmark aiming to grow 1,000 tons of greens a year

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A new venture aims to create a vertical farm in Denmark which will output 1,000 tons of local greens a year. The farm will be fully wind-powered, and use hydroponic to grows its plants which will get their energy from LEDs rather than the sun. The idea is...

Tokyo office brings new meaning to ‘healthy office environment’ – grows own food in vertical farm

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The Tokyo headquarters of human resources company Pasona Group has used their office space to grow 200 different species of fruits, veg and rice. The crop is harvested by and fed to its employees. Japan has always been a good candidate to invest in vertical farming. The...

World’s largest urban farm to open in Paris

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The world's largest urban farm is set to open on a Paris rooftop in early 2020. When it opens in the spring of 2020 the 14,000m² farm will be the largest urban farm in the world. The entirely organic farm will host 30 different plant species, be tended...