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This stunning photo shows a single atom trapped by electric fields

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This remarkable photo shows a single atom trapped by electric fields. The image was shot by David Nadlinger, at the University of Oxford. The photograph was taken through a window of the ultra-high vacuum chamber that houses an ion trap. In the centre of the picture, a small...

Smart sensor will revolutionise crime and terrorism prevention

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A new chemical sensor, designed by engineers at the University of Oxford, are set to revolutionise everything from terrorism prevention, environmental monitoring, reusable electronics, medical diagnostics to food safety. Engineers have been able to use material compounds - known as Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) - to create...

How a bubbly drink inspired more effective cancer treatment

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Scientists are developing a bubbly drink for Cancer Research UK, that is packed with oxygen microbubbles which could make treatments more potent for hard to treat tumours like pancreatic cancer. The project is one of the first to be funded through the Cancer Research UK Pioneer Awards scheme....