STEM Accord Launches Bristol Pilot

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A new STEM education initiative is launching its Bristol Pilot today. While there are plenty of new and exciting organisations looking to transform students engagement with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM subjects) STEM Accord looks to be a bit different. STEM Accord is a partnership of existing...

Plymouth University launch mentoring and scholarship programme to counter the shortfall of engineering graduates

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Plymouth University has launched "The Tamar Engineering Project" which they hope will help counter the shortfall of engineering graduates from socioeconomically vulnerable sections of society. The project is being funded by a £500k anonymous donation and will be championed by the former CEO of Lockheed Martin UK...

UK Universities secure £4.5 million fund to create new Degree Apprenticeship opportunities

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18 universities across the UK are celebrating securing a share of a £4.5 million development fund to create thousands of new degree apprenticeships. There are currently only around 1000 degree apprenticeships in the UK, but the Government has pledged to increase the number of apprenticeships to 3 million...