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The Dawn of Urban Air Mobility: The ALBACOPTER

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As urban centres worldwide grapple with escalating traffic congestion and the environmental repercussions of traditional transportation methods, the need for innovative solutions has never been more pressing. This is where the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) field promises real innovation. UAM seeks to transform the way goods and people...

3D Printing: Revolutionizing Architecture as We Know It!

Deep Dive

3D printing promises to transform architecture forever – and create forms that blow today’s buildings out of the water In architecture, new materials rarely emerge. For centuries, wood, masonry and concrete formed the basis for most structures on Earth. In the 1880s, the adoption of the steel frame changed...

Fish scale bioplastic nets UK James Dyson Student Award

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A UK student has netted this year's UK James Dyson Award. Lucy Hughes, a University of Sussex graduate, created a new material from fish waste as a compostable alternative to single-use plastic. 'MarinaTex' is made from fish scales and skin. This marine waste would usually be buried...