STEM Book Club June – Science Stories to get your little ones inspried

2 years ago — Quick Read

Want to get your kids excited about science? The right STEM books at the right age can make all the difference. We have picked out three of our favourites for...

Mattel’s latest Barbie builds robots & teaches kids to code

2 years ago — Long Read

Mattel's latest Barbie has just gone on sale. The 'Barbie Career of the Year Robotics Engineer Doll' shows how the company is getting serious about science. The first Barbie went...

STEM Book Club May- Overlooked Engineering Stories

2 years ago — Quick Read

What does the future hold for space travel? Who has Science overlooked? What amazing stories are we missing? Engineering isn't just about things; it is about the people that build...

STEM Book Club April – The Invisible Engineering All Around Us

2 years ago — Quick Read

What if everything created by engineers had disappeared overnight? What would be missing? Not just cars, houses, roads and bridges but tunnels and skyscrapers. The impact engineering has on our...

University of Bath celebrates achievements of women in STEM with “Sulis Minerva Day”

3 years ago — Long Read

May 11th will see the University of Bath celebrate the achievements of women in science, engineering, technology and maths with "Sulis Minerva Day".

TV tech campaigner Maggie Philbin among tech figures recognised in the New Years Honours list

3 years ago — Quick Read

Good news for STEM as TV tech campaigner Maggie Philbin is given an OBE in this year New Years Honours list. The honour recognises Maggie for her work in sparking...