What is dark matter is made of? Arrakhis aims to find out

Deep Dive

Arrakhis: the tiny satellite aiming to reveal what dark matter is made of The European Space Agency (Esa) recently announced a new mission of its science programme: a small telescope orbiting the Earth dubbed Arrakhis. But although its name is inspired by the sci-fi novel Dune, it will not...

Inmarsat trial to boost GPS performance in the UK

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London based Inmarsat is looking to augment GPS performance across the UK in a new trial of UKSBAS – the UK Space-Based Augmentation System. The trial will test out a new overlay system aimed to improve the performance of GPS signals across the country. The project is being...

Reprogrammable Eutelsat Quantum satellite blasts off

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Last Friday a Ariane 5 rocket blasted off from French Guiana. It's payload was Eutelsat Quantum - the worlds first commercial fully reprogrammable satellite. Up to now, most commercial satellites are hard-wired before launch but the Eutelsat Quantum transmission beams can be reconfigured from the ground. The satellite...