Cornwall space launch: why the environmental cost of rocket launches is large even when they fail

7 min read

A recent UK mission to launch satellites into space from Spaceport Cornwall in the west of England failed to deliver the satellites to orbit. But the rocket, LauncherOne, succeeded in releasing hazardous pollutants to the middle and upper layers of the atmosphere where many will remain for years....

What is dark matter is made of? Arrakhis aims to find out

8 min read

Arrakhis: the tiny satellite aiming to reveal what dark matter is made of The European Space Agency (Esa) recently announced a new mission of its science programme: a small telescope orbiting the Earth dubbed Arrakhis. But although its name is inspired by the sci-fi novel Dune, it will not...

Inmarsat trial to boost GPS performance in the UK

2 min read

London based Inmarsat is looking to augment GPS performance across the UK in a new trial of UKSBAS – the UK Space-Based Augmentation System. The trial will test out a new overlay system aimed to improve the performance of GPS signals across the country. The project is being...