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PLD Space’s Miura-1: Europe’s Leap into Reusable Rocket Technology

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PLD Space's Miura-1 rocket launched from the El Arenosillo Test Center in Huelva, Spain, marking a practical advancement in European space capabilities. This event is a big step forward for Europe's reusable rocket technology. This event was Europe's first successful launch of a reusable suborbital rocket and signified...

Scotland’s Space Aspirations: Orbex Takes Centre Stage at Glasgow’s ‘Space for Everyone’ Event

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In the heart of Glasgow, the past meets the promise of the future. Decades ago, the UK celebrated its only successful satellite launch with the Black Arrow rocket. Today, the nation is witnessing a renaissance in its space ambitions, with Scotland playing a pivotal role. Orbex, a leading...

Scotland’s Historic Milestone: Sutherland Spaceport Propels UK into the Space Age

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Scotland is about to enter a new era of space exploration with its first-ever vertical launch spaceport in Sutherland. This groundbreaking, carbon-neutral project will soon be firing rockets into the sky, with the fantastic folks at Orbex leading the way thanks to a whopping £14.6 million investment. Orbex,...