Chancellor’s budget contains funding for new rail infrastructure and tax cuts for oil & gas

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The 2016 budget, delivered on Wednesday, contains significant tax breaks for the UK’s North Sea oil and gas industry, with George Osborne having halved the supplementary corporation tax paid by oil and gas companies, and abolished the petroleum revenue tax. The budget also included significant investments in infrastructure...

Government announces plans to fast-track local fracking bids

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Local councils will now be given a period of 16 weeks to decide whether fracking can go ahead in their area. The Government believes fracking will give a huge boost to Britain’s engineering sector, although some say it damages the environment too much. Local councils often spend over...

G7 leaders pledge to end fossil-fuel use

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A 17 page document titled ‘Think Ahead, Act Together’, was revealed at the G7 summit today in Bavaria, which aims to phase out fossil-fuel use by 2100. The document included a limit on increases in global temperatures to a maximum of 2C, a pledge to raise $100bn (£65bn)...