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Lunar Exploration: Bangor Cracks Compact Nuclear Fuel Cells

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As we set our sights on the Moon, the need for sustainable and reliable energy sources is becoming increasingly important. The NASA-led Artemis Programme underscores the importance of establishing a foothold on the lunar surface. But to truly thrive and conduct meaningful scientific research on the Moon, we...

Germany’s 2035 Goal: 100% Renewable Energy

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Germany is making a bold move towards a sustainable future by setting an ambitious goal to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2035, positioning itself as a leader in the global transition towards sustainable energy sources in the engineering sector. The country plans to increase the use of wind...

Thorium-Salt Reactor Fired Up for the First Time in Four Decades

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Molten salt nuclear reactor that eats radioactive waste has fired up for the first time in over four decades. Thorium-Salt Reactors might just put us on the road to cleaner, meltdown-proof nuclear power. Today that dream has taken a big step forward as researchers at NRG, a...