Model life-size human heart 3D-printed out of cardiac tissue-like material

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Imagine you are a doctor about to perform open-heart surgery on someone. Would it help if you could do a test-run before the operation with a perfect replica of their heart? A team of engineers specialising in 3D printing have pioneered a new technique to allow for surgeons...

Robot Passed a Medical Licensing Exam

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Xiaoyi - a Chinese AI-powered robot - has taken the country's medical licensing examinations and passed. Xiaoyi is another example of how China is using AI to make a number of industries more efficient. This milestone marks the first time a robot has passed any medical licensing...

The University of Oxford are unlocking exciting new approaches in chemotherapy and radiotherapy using ultrasound

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Good news for the ground-breaking research of biomedical engineer Professor Eleanor Stride and the team at the University of Oxford; they have secured funding from the CRUK–EPSRC Multidisciplinary Project Award to unlock exciting new approaches to chemotherapy and radiotherapy using ultrasound You might remember our Born to...