New Engineering Apprenticeship opportunities in Wales

4 months ago — Quick Read

Three new engineering apprenticeships are being offered in Wales by UK company SAS International. The British manufacturer of metal ceilings and bespoke architectural metalwork is responsible for work in a...

8 Reasons Why More Women Should Consider Working in Skilled Trades

2 years ago — Long Read

Manual trade jobs have been around for years and years, however, some of the best-known trades in the UK are suffering from staff shortage. Part of the reason for this...

Glassdoor reveal Engineering roles among the highest earning jobs in the UK

5 years ago — Quick Read

Glassdoor’s 2016 report has revealed that graduate mechanical engineers earn approximately £26,949 per annum, software engineers £28,370, graduate engineers £26,500, civil engineers £25,000 and structural engineers £24,993. However, the top...