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Hyperloop Technologies Shuts Down After Failing to Achieve Commercial Viability

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The concept of the hyperloop - ultra high-speed transportation via pods or capsules travelling in near-vacuum tubes - originated in 2013 with a white paper by Elon Musk. This sci-fi-esque idea quickly captured the public imagination and spurred several startups to attempt to turn the Hyperloop into reality....

Hyperloop Has Raised $245 Million – Could this Transportation System become a Reality?

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Hyperloop One just received an additional $85 million from investors as part of a new round of funding. This brings the total raised to an impressive $245 million and means the company is now worth more than $700 million. The company announced it had finalized a new...

Plans for a Working Hyperloop to Connect Dubai to Abu Dhabi Accelerate

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The prospect of a working Hyperloop system moved on step closer today as Hyperloop One and the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority signed a deal to evaluate the Hyperloop One system in greater Dubai and the UAE. This is the first step in Hyperloop One's ambitious plan to...